E-Commerce Mobile App Development – How Much Does it Cost?


When you think about bringing your business to the next level and launch yourself on the pedestal of technology. An E-Commerce app is the latest trend in the technology market these days, customers prefer buying things with just a tap of their finger instead of doing hectic shopping errands.

An e-commerce application caters to all the customized needs of customers. Moreover, the ease of online payment and secure transactions have made e-commerce apps so much user-friendly that people have almost forgotten the traditional ways of buying stuff. This compels entrepreneurs to switch themselves to the e-commerce platform.

However, expanding business requires a whole lot of research and analysis. Knowing the cost is important in order to take the leap. So, let’s find out how much it costs, if you plan to launch an e-commerce website or mobile app for your business. The cost of building a mobile app for a business depends a lot of factors. Some of them are:

  1. List of features: The features you plan to add in your e-commerce app determine development cost. For instance, user login, profile, product catalog, checkout process, shopping cart, payment gateway etc. are some the features that are essential in any e-commerce app. Other features can be social media integration, chat support, search buttons, product reviews etc. The more features you add, the higher the cost will be.
  2. UX/UI design: User interface is the most important component in software development specially when we refer to an e-commerce mobile app. In order to provide seamless shopping experience to customers, the app should be highly customized and should pass usability testing. Developing wireframes and prototypes can help in determining the cost for your project.
  3. Operating platform: Another great deal is determining whether your app should be available on Android or iOSor it should be customized for cross-platform usage. The platform you should target is of course dictated by your target audience. For example iOS users are more likely to have a higher education degrees and tend to be in professional and managerial jobs with a greater share among the 18-24 year old market.  Android on the other hand controls the overall global market, specially in Asia and Latin america.
  4. Delivery time: If you have very short deadline then the development company may charge extra for a faster delivery. But, haste may lead you to unnecessary expenses. It is better to have enough time in hand before you plan your e-commerce app.
  5. Support and maintenance: The maintenance cost is usually 15%-20% of the initial cost of app development. So, you need to be careful while choosing a development firm and make a deal for support services before hand.