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Whether you are looking to create a simple app or build the most complex mobile-based software, our skilled and experienced team can get the job done. Since 2009, Tapcrew has provided ongoing support and exceptional service to make sure your product gets the most recognition in the highly demanding mobile market. We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to excellence, integrity and the highest degree of client satisfaction.


Our latest focus is on funded startups, healthcare and engineering sectors. We assist companies of all sizes across numerous industries with mobile device cybersecurity and medical technologies that provide immediate access to care.


Great user experience and stylish interface is the essence of a successful app. At Tapcrew, UX and UI design are something we lay a major emphasis on. We believe the best applications are handy, simple, and highly engaging.


We work with you to fully understand your business objectives and business goals before proceeding to application requirements. We keep you up to date on the latest trends and what’s shaping mobile development.



Real People, Real Passion. We are Tapcrew, a leading mobile development team focused on helping companies succeed through efficient, and advanced technology. Play Video


Designing to Win!

User experience leads technology in the current market ecosystem, we understand that a committed design team is critical for your app’s success. Design prototype is a critical part of our app development process and ensures your path to success. Learn more


Premium Products

Our approach and experience in mobile app development have resulted in compelling products that have received numerous awards and were featured by Apple and downloaded by millions of users. Learn more

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Daniel Moran


    About Daniel Moran

    Since 2009 my interest is in developing mobile applications for Apple’s device ecosystem.  At Tapcrew I have been building complex world class products for companies of all sizes across numerous industries.

    In addition to offering outstanding services to our clients, I strive to launch products that focus on healthcare, mobile device cybersecurity and medical technologies which provide immediate access to care. Our aim at Tapcrew is to improve digital diagnostics, health informatics, personal awareness and digital therapy through wearables and mobile platforms.

  • Testimonial

    Peter Armstrong

    Lead Mobile Developer

    About Peter Armstrong

    Since day one my passion has always been to understand how things work. As a backend/front-end mobile developer I have an innate ability to troubleshoot, analyze, and understand new trends and technologies behind the mobile world… Since 2007 I’ve been focused on iPhone app development and mobile technologies that solve real life problems and provide value to all.  I consider myself a strategic thinker and problem solver, passionate about improving an application’s overall user-experience and ease of use. Eager to learn new skills and technologies.


  • Testimonial

    Ricardo Vilardi

    Lead UI/UX designer

    About Ricardo Vilardi

    Handcrafted mobile & web solutions.

    When it comes to me there is no hiding of my passion for enhancing the user experience with a touch of simplicity. Clearly a pioneer in the field, I am able to see an opportunity a mile away. I feel that my natural creativity and technical sense guide me through the front-end development, user interface design for the web and mobile. Because of my forward approach I can convince everyone that they too can create anything their heart’s desire.  My experience includes over ten years of experience working for different development studios and ad agencies.
  • Testimonial

    Misha Moran

    Financial Operations

    About Misha Moran

    At Tapcrew I am responsible for providing financial and administrative support.  I work closely with our clients in the preparation of contract agreements,  payment schedules, and invoicing.

    As the office manager I run Tapcrew’s day to day operations by assisting our team members so they can stay focused on their development tasks.  I truly enjoy working and supporting our team, it’s an exciting journey to experience the development of our in-house projects as well as our contract work.




Mobile Development 84%
UX/UI Design 22%
Consulting Services 18%
Graphic Design 10%
Repeat Customers
Referral Work
  • Testimonial
    Erik Savage, TapLogic, LLC

    I have been extremely happy with Tapcrew. They designed the UI/UX of two interactive iPad apps, they were easy to work with very responsive to our needs, and delivered on time and within budget. The first response we get whenever we demonstrate the app to a new user is "Wow! That is really cool." The next response is "Who made that for you?”

  • Testimonial
    Marika Weiss, Realtor at Ascent Real State

    There are literally thousands of companies out there, however many are merely empty shells and so begins a long process of deduction. I stumbled across Tapcrew, who after initial discussions I decided to go visit. What I found was an extremely courteous and knowledgeable CEO Daniel Moran, situated in a "real" office, leading a dedicated and talented team. Their enthusiasm and professionalism was immediately recognized. Our experience was 100% satisfactory.

  • Testimonial
    Greg Paxton, KidZoo Books

    I was new to the app world. Tapcrew was very helpful explaining every step in detail. Daniel from Tapcrew listened to my concerns and was honest with me if he thought something I wanted to do was not the best way to do things according to current trends or functionality and he offered great solutions. I always had the feeling during development that he cared about the project and wanted it to succeed. Tapcrew helped me develop KidZoo Books.

  • Testimonial
    John Masse, Maslen Entertainment

    Daniel Moran is the wizard behind Tapcrew. He is all things apps including "ground up" development, cross-platform integration, blue sky thinking, and is probably the nicest guy to work with that I've ever met. Currently he works with me on the Muffalo Potato development.

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