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    Erik Savage

    Erik Savage, TapLogic, LLC

    I have been extremely happy with Tapcrew. They designed the UI/UX of two interactive iPad apps, they were easy to work with very responsive to our needs, and delivered on time and within budget. The first response we get whenever we demonstrate the app to a new user is "Wow! That is really cool." The next response is "Who made that for you?”

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    Marika Weiss

    Marika Weiss, Realtor at Ascent Real State

    There are literally thousands of companies out there, however many are merely empty shells and so begins a long process of deduction. I stumbled across Tapcrew, who after initial discussions I decided to go visit. What I found was an extremely courteous and knowledgeable CEO Daniel Moran, situated in a "real" office, leading a dedicated and talented team. Their enthusiasm and professionalism was immediately recognized. Our experience was 100% satisfactory.

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    Greg Paxton

    Greg Paxton, KidZoo Books

    I was new to the app world. Tapcrew was very helpful explaining every step in detail. Daniel from Tapcrew listened to my concerns and was honest with me if he thought something I wanted to do was not the best way to do things according to current trends or functionality and he offered great solutions. I always had the feeling during development that he cared about the project and wanted it to succeed. Tapcrew helped me develop KidZoo Books.

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    John Masse

    John Masse, Maslen Entertainment

    Daniel Moran is the wizard behind Tapcrew. He is all things apps including "ground up" development, cross-platform integration, blue sky thinking, and is probably the nicest guy to work with that I've ever met. Currently he works with me on the Muffalo Potato development.